‘wick is a line of handcrafted soy candles that are individually hand-poured in Bushwick, Brooklyn. 

Our Philosophy:

We believe that “luxury items” like candles should actually be luxurious.  When you buy an item like this, you should receive a quality, non-mass-produced, healthful item that brings you a pleasant experience each and every time you light it.  We also believe that this luxury does not need to come with a price tag to match.  

Our Mission:

We strive to bring this experience to all of our customers.  Each one of our candles is hand-poured in a small batch, which not only makes every candle one-of-a-kind, but allows us to inspect every candle to make sure it is up to our standards.  We chose to feature our labels on the lid and bottom of the candles, to make them easier to display and more aesthetically pleasing.  We also strive to make our candles as healthful as possible.  We only use 100% soy wax, never paraffin, and do not use any fragrances that contain phthalates.  Finally, we strive to make sure that all customers can enjoy our high-quality items at an affordable price. 

Our candles are perfect for gifts, party or wedding favors, or to enjoy in your own home.  Our small size allows us to accommodate custom orders, so please contact us for more information.